Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss USA debacle...

So a contestant in the Miss USA pageant said she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman and people are all up in arms. I have two thoughts on this:

A. Who cares what she thinks! This is a woman who gets her self worth by being in a competition in which one of the criteria of how well you do is based on how well you wear a swimsuit! A competition judged by the likes of Perez Hilton no less!

B. Ummm sweetie, who do you think did your hair and make-up? You really shouldn't piss them off, now I'm looking forward to seeing you on!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

As if Sundays weren't depressing enough...

So sad… Toni and Dallas (the mother and son team) were eliminated from The Amazing Race tonight. I was so disappointed I almost turned it off so I wouldn’t actually see them be eliminated. I have watched every season of this show, well with the exception of the family edition (I don’t think anybody watched that season)… Anyway, of all the teams that have raced I think I wanted Toni and Dallas to win more than I have wanted any team to win. It was nice to see a guy running the race with his mom. They played nicely, never fought with each other and they really cared and were very proud of one another.

When Did I Get Old?

I went into my local bookstore today to pick up a book. Before I walked in I noticed a group of parents a few doors down, standing on the sidewalk talking while a gaggle of kids ran around them screaming. I rolled my eyes, which I have discovered to be a completely involuntary reaction to kids nowadays… seriously I’m sure it’s a medical condition of some kind. I entered the store and wandered back to the section where I was hoping to find my book. As I did so the screaming kids ran into the bookshop. They were chasing each other all around the store, going in and out of the racks hitting each other and screaming… and… NOT A PARENT IN SIGHT! No, the parents didn’t follow the kids into to store. I checked. I walked to the front of the store and poked my head out the door and there they were, down the street just chattin’ it up! All while their spawn destroyed my lovely neighborhood bookstore! I wish I had the courage to march right out there and say, “HEY! You’re little demon offspring are busy throwing books on the floor in the bookstore! Maybe you should put your riveting conversation about your new BMW or Plasma TV on hold and GET THEM!” Instead I just stood there fuming thinking about how this was SO going in my blog!

Apparently I'm a crotchety old man... I'll hike up my pants, grab a walker and make myself a metamucil cocktail...